Welcome to Cascadia. Know your home.

blueberry_compassThe Cascadia Education Project (CEP) is a 501c3 nonprofit based out of Portland, Oregon that works to build and strengthen the connections between the different people who live here, between culture and landscape, and between groups that work to create a deeper understanding of how the land here connects us in countless ways. Through our projects and programs we offer educational, participatory, and collaborative opportunities to all who wish to foster a local culture and ecology that will serve as foundations for a sustainable and holistic reinhabitation of the bioregion.

What’s a bioregion?”

What’s bioregionalism?”

What’s Cascadia?

Our Latest News:

Commoner – A Film by Carolina Pfister

commonerCommoner is a feature film in the making, currently in script revision phase. Inspired by the director’s own immigration journey and life-long interest in civic engagement and community building, as well as the seminal utopian-dystopian book Ecotopia. Read more…

Mother Earth School

We’ve begun fiscally sponsoring Mother Earth School. Mother Earth School enlivens education through deep nature connection for children, families and educators to inspire social and ecological renewal. Read more…

Soil Building using the Lasagna Method

lasagna_fbSee how we transformed a 12x15ft area of backyard grass into a thriving garden plot using the lasagna garden method. Collaboration between several CEP projects and neighborhood stores yielded. Read more…

Alley Allies Toolkit Now Available

alleyallies_toolkit_shotAre you a resident with an interest in improving an alley or other public space? Foster Green Ecodistrict has put together a step-by-step guide for completing your own alley project with strategies to help you meet your goals for your project, information about grants, templates and other resources. Read more…


Our Newest Projects:

CEP_PrayerwalkPrayer Walk for the Wolf

An Indigenous-led walk from Portland to Boise sending prayers and raising awareness for the wolf in Cascadia.


reinhabit_logoFacilitating the making of a city that meets the needs of everyone within it, and which heals the earth as well —
using open-source GIS.


Providing crCSElogoeative change-makers with a high integrity, high accountability environment to launch self-directed projects through residency and coaching.


web_logo2A powerful calendaring tool has arrived for community building. Every ActivateHub has a participatory list of Events, Organizations, Venues, and the ability to merge pre-existing calendars.

Interested? We’re looking for volunteers to help us. Learn more.

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What We Do:

IMG_0006Networking and Funding for Collaboration:
How do we build an interconnected and resilient bioregion? Through a watershed-based approach, CEP interfaces projects, communities, and watershed organizations to identify collaborative opportunities and resources for their startup and development.

cairn on the riverEducation and Participation:
How do we open our eyes to where we live? CEP offers workshops, 2-hour information sessions, conversations, and events that connect the public with their bioregion, enriching their sense of place. CEP supports local empowerment and the rights and responsibilities of communities and ecosystems through teaching about participatory democracy, seeing systems, and the ecology of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we share community-based learning opportunities of partners and projects.