Cascadian Neighborhood Farm Guild


Mission statement: To influence and implement the development of a bioregional, neighborhood-oriented, perennial food system.

The Cascadian Neighborhood Farm Guild was started in the Portland area in late 2013 and grows organic food with three main purposes in mind:

1) to create self-sustaining neighborhoods based on mutual aid within the Cascadia bioregion
2) to create food self-reliance, security, and sustainability within neighborhoods
3) to provide free, fresh, quality produce to those in need.

We currently have two pieces of land totaling about 3.5 acres in the Southwest and Northwest Portland areas that we are using to begin creating and showcasing these productive, community-based, perennial and annual food spaces. Our vision and goal is to aid in the implementation of neighborhood-based edible forests and community gardens that can help create food-secure communities. There are various ways to participate and be a part of the Cascadian Neighborhood Farm Guild.

1) You can start or continue a pre-existing organic garden in your own yard, and contribute to the store of food that the collective gives away to those in need.
2) You can donate all or a portion of your yard or community garden space, and our volunteers will use the space for food production with as little or as much help from you as you would like.
3) If you don’t have land that you can use or donate, then you can volunteer some of your time working on one of the farms associated with the guild.

All those who donate growing space or labor will earn shares of the food harvested, and the excess will be given away free to those in need.

We are still in the early phases of development. Anyone interested in donating or volunteering any land, resources, or labor to this project should send us a private message to find out more about how you can get plugged into the Cascadian Neighborhood Farm Guild.

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To volunteer or donate, contact jkerston AT

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