commoner2 commoner3 commoner4Commoner is a feature film in the making, currently in script revision phase. Inspired by the director’s own immigration journey and life-long interest in civic engagement and community building, as well as the seminal utopian-dystopian book Ecotopia.

Commoner is a story of love and immigration set in an independent Pacific Northwest. Despite US controlled borders a young disillusioned Latina mother flees to the new nation of Cascadia with her infant son. As she struggles to reunite her family and adapt to a culture unlike her own, she must decide where home is.

commoner Focusing on the cultural paradigm shift born from attending to societal development, as opposed to economic growth, Commoner manifested from a desire to explore a life less hurried, with the creative resilience of people living in profound awareness of their role in the cycle of things.

A gentle yet probing story, Commoner is also inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest and its independent spirit. We’re commoners, and we’re strong by the numbers. Yet we’re all able to contribute so uniquely.

Writer/Director Carolina Pfister’s received a Chicago Emmy for her short documentary television work and a Women in Film “Emerging Latina Filmmaker” award. She has recently finished her first feature documentary film, Viva Viva, a portrait of punks in São Paulo, Brazil. After a successful festival tour it has now been released on DVD. Carolina has lived between Brazil and the USA for most of her life, but was born in Switzerland to Brazilian parents fleeing dictatorship. She now lives in Portland and hopes to be nomadic no more.

Co-Director Amanda Marsalis recently released her first feature film Echo Park at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Amanda has worked with commercial photography for over 10 years, and through music videos and short fashion films has now been utilizing motion to extend her creative vision. Amanda lives is Los Angeles with her dog Queso.